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How to Use


  • One must have Go High Level account.
  • Gravity Form plugin must be installed and activated.
  • Go High Level extension for gravity forms – Pro must be installed and activated.
  • Form must have email or phone field mapped with GHL field.

User Guide

Step – 1: First go to the wordpress Dashboard and navigate the Gravity Forms menu, inside that you can see GHL for GF section now you need to click the settings section.

Step – 2: After click to settings now you click the GHL for GF options from the list and here you need to enter your Extension License Key that you have receive by an email when you bought this pro plugin and save settings. After saving the license key now you need to click on Connect to GHL and then you will be redirected and asked to choose the sub-account that you wish to link and it will be integrated.

Step – 3: Now if you wish to mark some email keywords as spam fill those keywords separated by comma.

Step – 4: If you wish to send tags globally fill those tags separated by comma.

Step – 5: Check the checkbox if you wish to attach the global tag across the every form.

Step – 6: Now you need to go to the Forms section inside the Gravity Forms then navigate the Settings option then you find GHL for GF options is shown click on that.

Step – 7: After you click GHL for GF options you will see a form customization tab is open where you can customize your form as your need by configure that settings.

Step – 8 : If you want to create your own Custom Fields you can do that.First you need to go to your GHL Business Account.Then go to Custom Fields section and here you can create your own custom field and that will reflect on the GHL Custom Fields dropdown section in the form customization tab.

Step – 9: You can also add your own tag and for multiple tags separate them by comma.

Step – 10: If you wish to send lead to different sub-account from a particular form you can connect it from form specific connection button.

Step – 11: If you face any difficulties to save the form, contact creation, connecting to GHL and spam regarding you can easily troubleshoot that. First you need to go to the GHL for GF section inside the Gravity Forms and click that then you will see a tab is open you need to navigate the Log tab and if any error in the form you will see that error message in the black screen.

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