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Installing And Activating

  • To get started with the Go High Level extension pro, users need to buy that plugins form the official site of iB SOFTS. Then they will receive a license key and that can be help them for further updates of the plugins.
  • After successfully getting the the plugin and license key upload and install it. To Install, go to Plugins > Add New Plugin > Upload Plugin.
  • After successfully installing the plugin please activate it.
  • Once the plugin is activated enter the license key and you are ready to go. To enter license key, go to Gravity Forms > Settings > GHL for GF > Enter License Key > Save Settings.
  • Once the all the above steps are performed, Now it is ready to transfer form data to Go High Level CRM.

Note: For guide to use this plugin please refer to our Users’ Guide.

Try This Demo

By visiting this demo site you will get a hands on experience of Go High Level Pro extension plugin.

  • First visit this demo site: Click Here
  • Enter the Username or Email Address: demo@ibsofts.com
  • Enter the Password: qbZejU1MHq6#l3kIr5)HJxGf

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