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Changelog History


  • Plugin Launched.
  • Initital release.


  • Removed Go High Level API v1.
  • Integrated Go High Level API V2.
  • Removed the field for API key and added one click authentication with Go High Level.
  • One click connect for different forms to different GHL sub-accounts.
  • On connection error proper reason is being generated on Log page.
  • E-mail spam filtration for specific custom keywords and invalid e-mail address.
  • Spam entries are being logged with the e-mail address which is considered as spam.
  • If no form is specifically connected to a sub-account then all the leads will go to globally connected sub-account.
  • Global Tag field to send tags across the forms connected to different or same sub-account.
  • Option to send global tag across different forms globally or where no form specific tags are being used.
  • Bug fix – Tags will be updated for contact having same email while preserving the old tags.

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