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Installing And Activating

  • To get started with the Go High Level extension, users need to install and activate it. They can do this by downloading the extension from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Once the extension has been downloaded, it can be installed by uploading it to the WordPress site’s plugin directory.
  • After installation, it can be activated by navigating to the plugins page in the WordPress dashboard and clicking the Activate button next to the Go High Level Plugin.

Setting Up The Plugin

  • Once the Go High Level extension is activated:
  • Open the Gravity Form settings and navigate to the Go High Level plugin settings
  • Enter the Go High Level API key and submit it
  • Now it is ready to transfer form data to Go High Level CRM

When a user submits a form, the data is automatically transferred to Go High Level CRM and can be viewed in the lead section of the CRM. This makes it easy for users to keep track of their leads and follow up with potential customers.

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