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Decorated Images:

Boom Fest also offers a range of decorated images that you can use to add more festivity to your pages. These images come in various sizes, and they are specifically designed to complement the celebration animations. For example, the ribbon decoration image is ideal for use with the ribbon animation. To use decorated images, ensure that the image width is between 220px to 400px so that it doesn’t apply to images like banners.

Font Styles:

The plugin also includes several font styles that can be applied to the H1 tag to give your pages a unique and festive look. For instance, the New Year 1 font style is perfect for the New Year celebration. By using these font styles, you can easily create a celebratory atmosphere on your pages that your visitors will love.

Select Pages To Reflect:

Boom Fest plugin allows users to choose which pages they want to apply the festive effects and animations. This feature is particularly useful if you only want to add a festive vibe to certain pages on your website, such as the homepage or landing pages. With the Boom Fest plugin, you can easily select which pages you want to reflect, and the plugin will apply the selected festive effects to those pages.

Extension Add-ons:

For users who want more customization options, the Boom Fest plugin also has extension add-ons available. However, these add-ons are currently on hold, and they will be premium. Once these add-ons become available, they will provide users with more customizations, such as additional festive animations, font styles, and decorated images.

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